Advantage Therapy Consulting

stock-photo-4727822-stoney-footpathWelcome and thank you for your interest in Advantage Therapy Consulting. Our mission is to assist you (home healthcare agencies and other post-acute care providers) by promoting valuable, efficient and evidenced based therapy practices that are revenue protected.

It’s a changing world, and it’s changing rapidly.  If you’re worried about how new federal regulations will affect your Home Health Agency’s bottom line, you’re not alone.  Advantage Therapy Consulting is here to help.

Giving your Home Health agency the advantage you need.

Advantage Therapy Consulting helps home health agencies like yours successfully navigate the changing world of healthcare.

In today’s world of competitive healthcare,  the success of your home health agency depends upon your ability to stay up to date, understand, make the changes necessary for compliance.

Individualized to meet YOUR needs, our consulting services include:

  • Clinical record review/audits
  • Risk assessment reports
  • Corrective action follow-up recommendations
  • Educational services (onsite/virtual)
  • Documentation forms/systems development
  • Contractual therapy supervisor
  • Therapy SOC/OASIS review
  • Staffing to promote specialty services

Stay up to date and aware of all regulations and restrictions: 

Regulations and restrictions imposed upon your therapy providers and service. Changes are occurring at a rapid rate. Is your agency aware of the regulations and restrictions that apply to your therapy staff and cost your business money due to non-compliance?  Advantage Therapy Consulting will make sure you are never penalized due to lack of awareness.

Understand regulations and restrictions:   …..


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